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I am since 2002 active in Hessen / Germany. I have specialized in the production, the assembling and maintenance of your computer / PC. In addition, I provide you with advice and assistance at any time if you have questions about the company or my service.

Whether you need installation of: need Windows, Open, Microsoft Office, or any other software, I have the thing for you at affordable prices. Also hardware of any kind do I install in their systems. The aim of Me is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional and first class service.

Browse on my website. According to information on the computer and service If you have any questions or want to talk personally about my services !

or call me:


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For PC Service G. German you will get the quality and service, you expect from a computer service. The changing requirements of my clients to ensure I am constantly fancy on. You can be sure that through the cooperation come with PC Service G. German to enjoy the best services.

Customer Support: The highest priority is the satisfaction of Me my clients. You are important to me and you can be sure that I no effort shy when it comes to your computer systems. Superior customer service from Mir is my mark. I am proud to work for you, and do my very, You continue to impress me.

The range of my services includes the installation of: operating systems, Internet, VOIP, WAN, LAN, WLAN, Routers, hubs and all other hardware / software for computers. I am pleased when I can help them.

Repairs services for computerPrice in Euro
The first hour50,00
Each additional 30min25,00
Travel within the Gross Gerau7,50
Outside of Gross Gerau15,00
Replacement parts will be invoiced separatelyReplacement parts will be invoiced separately



Data Recovery

I am trying very question to excellence. I see it as my job, to offer a service that everyone can afford. In recent years, I have many Can help customers successfully.

Help can I ensure, for example, in: - Hardware and software errors - Viruses, Trojans, Ransomware, e-mail malware infestation and much more!

So the can then work again with computer customers. Or have their data securely on a new disk.

For questions or problems, please visit my Contact - Site!

amount of dataPrices in EuroHarddiskSysteme: ide,scsi,sata
0,01 - 1,0GB50,00HarddiskSysteme: ide,scsi,sata
1,1GB - 100,0GB125,00HarddiskSysteme: ide,scsi,sata
100,0GB - 500,0GB250,00HarddiskSysteme: ide,scsi,sata
500,0GB - ???GBVHBHarddiskSysteme: ide,scsi,sata
Create / Burn CD5,00700MBSysteme: CD
Create / Burn DVD6,504,20GBSysteme: DVD
DVD DL Create / Burn10,009,10GBSysteme: DVD
Raid, SSD's on demandSysteme: scsi,sata


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why is data loss occurs and how can I prevent it?

Answer: Data loss can have several causes. Virus infection and hard drive crash (this is the write during writing to the plate on) are the most common reasons. However, errors in a software installation or simply Wear can be triggers, as well as a fire or water damage. The top priority for the avoidance of data loss is the regular backup of the data. Finally, security tools should be such as firewall and anti-virus program available. It is important also, incidentally, the computer at specific intervals from the inside to clean, because dust affects the function of the PC and the hard drive much - if not all.

Question: What does it mean when the hard drive is making strange noises?

Answer: A hard drive crash and thus data loss almost always heralded by the same noises. In such a case should you must shut down the PC and restart nothing new. Here only the help of expert data recovery a Avoid data loss.

Question: How can data be saved?

Answer: The procedure for data recovery from this error is dependent. Since there are many different possibilities of error, you can not answer this question in general. The data of a CD with scratched surface of course different reconstructed as the disk is damaged. However, a data reconstruction can be successful in almost all storage media be carried out because data recovery specialists have the necessary technical equipment and years of know-how.

Question: Can all disks are restored?

Answer: A data reconstruction is in principle possible by nearly all commonly accepted data carriers. These include 'normal' hard drives, RAID systems, servers, clusters, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, etc. ..

Question: Let's restore individual files?

Answer: For this, a detailed and professional check of the storage medium is necessary. It provides information about the Prospects of success. Once the disk is received in the laboratory, a review of the individual files is made. All back reconstructed files are listed so that the PC owner can decide whether and which files should be saved.

Question: when water damage is a data recovery possible?

Answer: Basically, a data recovery is possible even when disk damage after water damage or fire.

Question: Can a Data Recovery also be made for RAID systems?

Answer: Data recovery is possible even when using RAID. If a hard disk of the RAID system no longer or not working properly, it is recommended to set the PC operating and to turn to specialists for data recovery, in order to prevent the impending loss of data.

Question: How long does a data recovery?

Answer: The time required depends on the present error, and the extent of the damage the disk. The default service begins with the receipt of the disk. There is of course also the possibility of a data recovery site perform, if the circumstances so require and permit. In addition, a 24-hour service, in be taken, in which a data rescue team with several employees under the direction of a data recovery engineer with the Problem solving is concerned.

Question: What does a data reconstruction?

Answer: The cost of data recovery are - as well as the time required - depending on the fault and the extent of data recovery. Some media types are to be treated less expensive, so the costs are relatively easily determined. Otherwise, a carried out detailed offer only after analysis of the data carrier. After that, the PC user can decide whether the value of its Data is reasonable in relation to the cost of reconstruction.

Question: Is there a way to recover data from laptops or notebooks?

Answer: Yes, even data from laptops or notebooks can be restored. Older laptops usually have to be completely submitted, on newer models, the hard disk can be removed by loosening a screw on the bottom.


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Computer Sins

Computer sins: the heat death of a computer by dust, hair, animal fur, condensation water, grease and nicotine!


Here you can see an image of an internal fan. It provides for the supply of fresh air in the enclosure.


The second picture shows them an internal power supply from the computer clogged with dust.


The third picture shows a graphics card which soon overtakes the heat death since virtually no air can circulate more.


The fourth image shows the graphics card again without housing before cleaning.
If you are still smoking, you should at least 1x per month control the computer on pollution caused by dust, hair, pet fur and nicotine.
Otherwise, it can quickly lead during the summer months to heat death of the computer.


The fifth picture shows the inside of a totally dusty computer.

Nicotine and tar of a cigarette, temperature differences (humidity, condensation) is deposited on the fans and the dust sticks to it. Over time, the dust / hair prevents air circulation. The air flow dries up and then the computer chips suffer heat death.

So Dear customers to fit on your computer for future reference. Let him occasionally clean or make it yourself Then they have long joy to your computer.

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